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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome friends and thank you for visiting! The idea for this company has been a LONG time coming because let’s be real, I’ve got stuff to say. But first, an introduction and story time:

I’m Kristin. First and foremost I am a wife and a mom to two little ones. I consider myself a northerner but I live in the south. I have a slight obsession with organization which is quite fortunate because juggling the demands of raising babies, running a household, and managing a business can be a TAD stressful (understatement of the century).

I am a creative entrepreneur!

I’ve been planning weddings full time with my company, Stunning Events, for 8 YEARS. I still can’t believe almost a decade in the wedding industry has flown by so quickly but here we are. And while I love planning weddings, here’s a little secret….I love running a business MORE. Business planning, financial strategy, marketing, sales, teaching and leading my team, THAT’s my jam.

As the business grew, so did my relationships with the many talented people in this industry and I started to notice a trend. Most of these creative businesses didn’t last very long. I watched many friends have trouble making ends meet, get burned out, and have no clue where they went wrong. After all, these are truly talented people who make gorgeous cakes, create fabulous floral designs, capture beautiful moments with amazing photography, and the couples they worked with LOVED their art. So what was the problem? Why couldn’t they sustain a business?

I would often have coffee or lunch with my vendor friends and many times had conversations that went like this:

Me: “How’s next year looking for you? Are you starting to book up?”

Vendor: “No, it’s been a bit slow lately. There’s just so many other photographers/cake bakers/florists out there and I’m having trouble standing out.”

Me: “Have you revised your business plan recently? Took a look at your marketing strategy? Maybe your financial projections need some some examining and updating?”

Vendor: “Uh, business plan?”

Me: “You made a business plan before going into business didn’t you?”

Vendor: “Well…not exactly, I mean I jotted down some ideas, and got my website up, and then just sort of grew it from there.”

Me: “That’s not a business plan. You need a business plan.”

“How did you estimate what your cost of doing business would be? How did you figure out what to charge? How did you know there was even a need for what you do in the industry?”

Vendor: “Well every couple needs wedding photography/cakes/flowers! And I just looked at what the other vendors were charging and charged a bit less so they would have a reason to book me”.


See THIS right here was the problem. For some strange reason, when creative people start small businesses, they skip that whole business planning part. Don’t get me wrong, they spend tons of time creating an awesome logo, designing a beautiful website, and practicing and honing their trade. And I get it, that’s the fun stuff. But they don’t actually make a plan for how they are going to EARN a living and STAY in business long-term. They don’t take the time to research the market, decide who their target client is, learn how to find those clients, market themselves appropriately, and therefore stand out from all the other creatives. They didn’t crunch the numbers FIRST to be sure they could actually earn a living. They didn’t plan their business. 

Well I love plans, and I love running a business, and I love pricing strategy, so maybe I could help?

And thus the idea for this project was born.

So welcome again friends! I hope you’ll stop by often to read my thoughts on business planning, pricing strategy, the crazy highs and lows of running your OWN business, and of course managing all that PLUS still having a life outside of your business that you actually enjoy. Because in the end THAT is what it’s all about.

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