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But Are You Making Money?

Owning a business and being your own boss comes with a lot of perks. We get to do what we love, we get to work when we want, where we want, and in our yoga pants, yesterday’s shirt, and no make-up if we choose (although I don’t recommend it). There are tons of reasons to consider the world of entrepreneurship. The number of small businesses in the US have increased 49% since 1982 and those 28 million small businesses account for 54% of all US sales! And now nearly 15 million Americans work for themselves. That’s crazy! Small business is now a big deal and entrepreneurship has become the “in” thing for many of the large number of millennials entering the workforce today.

But behind those pretty flat-lay Instagram photos of office supplies, and the “girl boss” and “mom boss” movements, and the stories of sleeping in and cracking open your laptop with your PJ’s still on, is the realization that many creative business owners have no idea that they aren’t making any money. Let me back up for a moment and just point out, if you have a hobby-business because it fulfills you and gives you purpose and therefore making money isn’t important to you – rock on! I’m not here to judge if you have a side-gig because it makes you happy and gives you a little extra spending money for Target each month. I’m talking about those creative business owners who are HUSTLING and WANT to grow a profitable, sustainable business with which they earn a living. But somehow at the end of each year, there isn’t much to show for all that hard work as far as the finances go. Is this you? Are you plugging away month after a month and seeing money come into your bank account (so you must be profitable right?) but for some reason it never amounts to much?

You are not alone. So many small business owners launch a business without doing the initial legwork to determine if it will ever be profitable (ahem….write a business plan…cough…cough). And so many creatives bury their heads in the sand and never take a good hard look at their business finances out because of the fear that it’s going to be worse than they thought. Well I’m here to motivate you to take that first step and analyze your business. Are you actually making money? And if so, is it how much you thought? I created a super simple FREE guide to help you do just that. Download The Pricing Audit by entering your email address below and take that first step towards a more profitable business.

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