Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | What’s So Wrong with Making Money?
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What’s So Wrong with Making Money?

Pricing strategy (or “What to Charge”) is a VERY hot topic amongst creative business owners (or rather ALL business owners to be fair). How do I know? Because anytime I put “pricing” or “making money” or “how to charge what you’re worth” in a Periscope title, ALL THE PEOPLE tune in. 

Maybe this is why I have always been so fascinated with the topic of pricing your services or products as a small, creative business owner. There seems to be some underlying premise that because we are so fortunate to do what we love as a job, that we shouldn’t also be allowed to make lots of money for it.

Do you feel this way?

I certainly did in the beginning of my career. I felt that because I was lucky enough to be my own boss, have a (somewhat) flexible schedule, and do what I loved, that I shouldn’t also strive for a decent paycheck. After all, isn’t that where the concept of the starving artist comes from? We can’t be so bold as to create, make beautiful things, serve people with our talents, and ALSO make money! Psshhh.

I call BS.

You DO deserve to also make money. And you DO deserve to be paid appropriately for your talents, your skills, and your creativity. So together let’s stop being so afraid to WANT to make money. No one NEEDS to have a wedding (a marriage ceremony maybe). The photos, the flowers, the cake, the planning, all of it is a WANT not a need. I give you full permission to serve those wants, and charge real money, GOOD money, for your talents, skills, and creativity. The world won’t end, and as an added bonus, you might just find yourself in a long-term, sustainable business doing what you love.

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