Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | Episode 015: 8 Things That Successful People Do
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Episode 015: 8 Things That Successful People Do | Planning for Profit Podcast

Do you wonder what makes someone successful? Are there similar actions that successful people take that helps them reach their goals? In this episode we’re talking about the 8 actions and traits that successful people have in common and the ones that I’m working on myself.



– How successful people take steps to increase their productivity

– Why planning out your week or day in advance is so important

– How continuous learning can be both a positive action and detriment to people

– Why understanding your own weaknesses and seeking help is crucial for success


Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

7 Day Productivity Challenge

The Miracle Morning by Hal Eldrod

 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 12 Week Year


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