Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | Episode 047: How To Use Speaking To Grow Your Visibility with Jessica Rasdall
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Episode 047: How To Use Speaking To Grow Your Visibility with Jessica Rasdall | Planning for Profit Podcast

On this episode I interview my good friend, Jessica Rasdall, speaking coach to entrepreneurs, and we talk all about how you can add speaking as a revenue stream to your business as well as increase your credibility and authority in your industry.


  1. How Jessica overcame a tragic event in her life and learned how to help and serve others with her message
  2. The 3 different tiers of speakers and how to know whether you should be using speaking as a revenue stream or as a part of your marketing strategy to build authority or to sell your offers from the stage
  3. Jessica answers the question, “when should you be paid to speak?”
    We discuss what conference and retreat organizers should be considering as they craft their speaking line-up
  4. Jessica tells you what to do first if you’re interested in becoming a speaker

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About Jessica

Jessica Rasdall is a Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, and Public Speaking Strategist. She partners with creatives to craft stories and presentations that connect with their audience and stand out in a crowded market. Jessica has shared her story of turning her “mess into a message” for over twelve years and has been featured on major international media outlets such as ABC’s 20/20, Katie Couric, The Guardian, MTV, Netflix, and many more.

When Jessica was a freshman in college, she made a life-altering decision that resulted the death of her best friend. In an effort to raise awareness, cope with her guilt and keep her friend’s memory alive, she began sharing her story. Jessica spoke to over 15,000 young adults across the country before she was sentenced to prison.

By rewriting their story, her clients are transforming what were once considered “liabilities” into some of their greatest business assets.

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