Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | Episode 084: Getting Your Team To Work Effectively with Latasha Doyle
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Episode 084: Getting Your Team To Work Effectively with Latasha Doyle | Planning for Profit Podcast

This week I’m bringing back my content manager & copywriter, Latasha Doyle as a co-host and we’re talking all about how to get your team to work more effectively together.


  • The difference in teams that have an integrator vs. teams that don’t
  • How to lead more effectively as the CEO and visionary
  • What’s killing momentum on your team
  • What your team is REALLY looking for and needing from you to help successfully grow the business

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

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About Latasha:
Latasha is a content + copy specialist, nerd extraordinaire, speed reader, and wannabe yogi.
Since 2014, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital agencies create copy and content. From writing an entire nuts and bolts catalog to helping 6-figure coaches launch their next offer, she’s been around the writer’s block a few times.
She’s found, over time, that her superhuman skill lies in matching tone of voice and brand voice for her clients, and in being versatile.

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