Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | Episode 101: What Does a Digital COO Do?
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Episode 101: What Does a Digital COO Do? | Planning for Profit Podcast

On this episode we’re talking about what I actually do on a day to day basis as an integrator and Digital COO for six-figure entrepreneurs.


  1. [2:45] How streamlining, adjusting team roles, and reworking old processes has allowed me to create more content for my own business in the past month
  2. [4:48] I’m able to spend time with my family and focus on my 1:1 clients because I have a team who supports me
  3. [7:01] Sunday afternoons are reserved for planning my week per client
  4. [8:35] I am not an executor (of tasks), but I’m more of a strategist and planner
  5. [10:21] Creating a color-coded master list of client tasks and deciding an estimated timeframe for each allows me to better plan out my days
  6. [12:35] Writing down a weekly master list of tasks for your own business allows you to have a handle of what your week will be
  7. [13:28] Batch scheduling lets me focus on one client at a time
  8. [14:32] Mondays are for client check-ins, mapping out tasks, analyzing numbers, strategizing
  9. [17:47] Tuesdays are for call days with clients and teams
  10. [19:28] Wednesdays are for mid-week check-ins on of my clients’ teams
  11. [20:03] Thursdays are for working on my own business
  12. [21:06] Fridays are for my financials plus do a final check on my clients’ Asana workspaces to wrap up the week
  13. [22:03] Clients can still access me via Voxxer after business hours
  14. [23:20] This year’s personal goal is to set time for education per week – learning new platforms or knowing more on how to maximize the current ones I use

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