Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | communication
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Episode 095: Setting Boundaries as a COO | Planning for Profit Podcast

On this episode I'm answering a question from a VA that's ready to up-level into the role of the Digital COO which is "How do I set and maintain boundaries so I don't end up working all the time?" Highlights: Discussing all the various roles that the Digital COO or integrator plays in an online businessWhy planning...

Episode 054: How to Vacation Proof Your Biz | Planning for Profit Podcast

On this episode, I'm sharing my 6 tips to vacation proof your business (and also business proof your vacation!) Highlights: How I define "maintenance mode" and use it while on vacationWhether you need to be creating consistent content even while traveling or vacationingWhat you need to communicate to your clients and team Links and Resources Mentioned in this...