Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | expand revenue
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Episode 066: Reach Your Revenue Goals Faster | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today I'm talking about one of my favorite topics, MONEY, and how to reach your revenue goals faster by making some changes to how to approach the money side of your business. Highlights: My three big takeaways from being at James Wedmore's Business By Design Live EventWhat I did differently to quickly grow my first...

Episode 042: How to Know When to Expand Your Revenue Streams | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today I’m talking about how to know when it’s the right time to expand your revenue streams and add more offers in your business, specifically when it comes to coaching or online programs and products.   Highlights:  Why I decided to make a big pivot in my business model and offer mentoring and coachingFour questions to ask yourself...