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Episode 045: Marketer Math and When $1 Doesn’t Actually Mean $1 | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today we’re talking all about marketing math and when a dollar doesn’t actually mean a dollar. Highlights:  How online marketers are using "marketing math" to boost their authority and sales Why you shouldn't take the term "7 figure business" at face-value The difference between vanity metrics and metrics that matter What truly constitutes price and value...

Episode 028: How to Deal With Price Objections | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today we’re talking all about how to handle and refute price objections. Highlights:  How to recognize a smokescreen objection Why you're getting price objections in the first place Two methods to refuting price objections Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:  FREE Live Workshop - How to Attract & Book Higher Paying Clients Follow Along On Instagram...