Kristin Kaplan : Integrator & Founder, Digital COO Academy | scaling a business
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Episode 105: Offer vs. Audience, Which Comes First? | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today let's talk about whether you should focus on creating an offer or building an audience first and I'm sharing tips on how to cultivate and grow your audience. Highlights: What I've struggled with recently when it comes to audience growth.The reason you're getting 'crickets' when you put out that new offer.5 tips to grow and cultivate...

Episode 104: The Myths of Scaling an Online Business | Planning for Profit Podcast

Today we're discussing the myths behind scaling an online business and trading dollars for hours and a better business model for success. Highlights: The myth of scaling online businessesWhy we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss service based businessesThe business model I use with my 1-1 clients that is efficient and successfulWhy small teams of expert contractors...